When we think of dogs, we can imagine the responsibility a pet owner has. The biggest responsibility is feeding them with the right food. A well-balanced diet is very important for our four-legged friends. Dogs have lesser taste buds than humans. What attracts them to a particular food is the smell. That is why it is very important for us to choose dog treats which smell good.

Based on research, $ 1.5 billion is spent on pet food annually. Dog treats are usually given to pets as rewards for several reasons, one of which is good behavior. Some pet owners prefer to make their own dog treats to make sure that they provide healthy food for their mutts. Others opt for store-bought dog goodies.

There are quite a few types of dog treats. There are crunchy and soft treats, dental chew or bone-like treats, human food treats and special diet treats. Human food treats should be given with utmost care as they may be good or bad for your dog. While lean meat, apples and carrots are advantageous for them, grapes, onion, raisins and garlic are a big no-no. Although milk is essential for calcium, never substitute water with milk. Mutts need clean drinking water every time.

As mans best friend, we should give the best food to our dogs. Store-bought dog treats can be your best bet as long as they are manufactured by a reputable company. Know what your dog needs. A visit to a good veterinarian will help us avoid the hit and miss syndrome.

Remember that not all dog treats are safe for your four-legged friends. Consider the weight and breed of you dogs. Pregnant dogs need lots of calcium. Not only does calcium make bones and teeth healthy, it is also important in the development of body tissues. You can search the Internet for more information on dog health and the best dog food for your pet.

Never ignore your dogs instincts. His choice of dog treats may be your best guide to what he needs and wants. We must also remember to take their health into consideration whenever we buy their food.

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