Self tanning lotion has been a part of an extensive cosmetics range used for tanning. Available since long in the market, it is only recently that scientific research has made them completely safe for use. Many women want to look charming with a glowing skin and a perfect shade of tan. Basking in the sun to get that tan is very harmful for the skin because the UV rays of the sun can cause ailments like sunburn to seriuos diseases like cancer.

So, people started using sunscreens with a high SPF in order to cut off the dangerous rays and minimize the possibility of getting any disease. Since basking in the sun was being considered unsafe, people needed new methods to get a tan. This led to the development of sunless self tanning lotions that can be applied on the skin just where you want the tan and after some time gap you’ll get the darkness you wanted.

The process of self tanning is a harmless way of getting a fake tan. However, it is important to use good quality self tanning lotion. To be able to get the right product, you’d generally browse websites of different online sellers of such products and choose the most reliable one. It is also necessary that tanning products be used regularly if you want to keep the tan for long. Our skin keeps discarding dead skin cells and generating new ones which tend to lighten the tan. It is also important to use a sunscreen lotion along with a self tanning lotion in case you wish to go out in the sun because the tanning lotion does not protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun.

Self tanning lotion takes about an hour to give the skin a tan but the effect lasts for several days before you would need to reapply. It is important to follow the instructions mentioned on the lotion for correct application, especially regarding exfoliating the skin before applying, not overdoing the knees and elbows, and allowing the self tanning lotion to completely dry before dressing up.

Women desire beautiful and glowing tanned skin; and the safest way to get that is to use an effective self tanning lotion. Such products should preferably be procured from reliable online sources only.

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