First and foremost, nodulocystic acne is part of the group of severe acne. There are a few kinds of severe acne namely, cystic acne (related with acne conglobata), acne conglobata (related with cystic acne), gram negative folliculitis, and acne fulminans. However, the topic today is nodulocystic acne so I wouldn’t be talking about the other 3.

You might not have heard of the words nodulocystic acne before but I believe you heard of nodules and cysts. They are actually inter related. Cystic acne being a form of severe acne is actually not common. It is extremely dreaded as we know, and it can be as long as a few cm. Similarly to normal pimples, they can happen face, back, and chest. They can appear just alone or be multiple widespread as well. Acne conglobata is a severe form of acne itself and also a sub-form of cystic acne whereby abscesses are all closely connected (widespread).

Those of you who had cystic acne before knows how it feels like. The surface of the cyst is very soft and smooth like ironically. It is in a irregular shape unlike pimples and feels like a sag.

Nodules are bigger versions of the red little bumps without any pus in them (papules). Anyway, who gets nodulocystic acne? Anybody can get it as usual with other kinds of acne. However, young males are more vulnerable and it could also be inherited through genetics.

The causes of nodulocystic acne are the same as other forms of acne, excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and too much dead skin cells clogging up pores. Most of the time, this form of acne isn’t caused by lousy hygiene or bad diet. It is caused usually by hormonal fluctuations. Cystic acne is probably the most scar-causing kind of acne so distubing the lesion should never be done.

Treatments for nodulocystic acne is normally the powerful isotretinoin, which when started the earlier, the lesser scars. At least about half a year of isotretinoin taking course is administered by doctors. Antibiotics, excision (not recommended), are also other options for treatment.

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