It is very important for people to realize that taking care of your new tattoo is serious. You should never blow off taking care of your new body art. Since the tattoo needle breaches your skin an infection can set in. However, it is not common for a tattoo to get infected but if you do not take care of it properly it very well could get infected. The important thing to know is that your tattoo artist should be wearing disposable gloves when administering your tattoo. Also it is very important to know and see that they sterilize their equipment. If they don’t do this not only is this unsanitary but it could most definitely cause an infection to occur not to mention some sort of blood related disease, such as HIV, AIDs or hepatitis.

After your tattoo is all done your artist should inform you on the proper way to take care of your new tattoo. If you have any questions this is the time you should ask. It has been debated against several people that you should not use neosporean or even vaseline on your new tattoo. However, some artist do recommend this. The best piece of advice is just do what your particular artist tells you to do. The general rule of thumb for tattoo aftercare is to keep it clean. Wash your new tattoo with a gentle soap and air or pat dry one or two times a day.

Also you should apply some kind of ointment to the area at least twice a day until the tattoo is healed which can be up to one to two weeks. Thirdly, it is very important not to pick out your tattoo’ scab, you should let it fall off on it owns. Lastly, stay out of the direct sun until your tattoo is healed and make sure to apply lotion to it everyday to keep it moisturized and if you are going to be out in the sun be sure to apply sunscreen to your tattoo.

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