Laser hair removal is a proven method of getting rid of unwanted hair permanently, whilst also ridding you of the cumbersome routine of shaving and waxing. Although new laser technology means virtually no chance of nasty side effects it can leave your skin more sensitive than usual, so it is important to take care of your skin after laser hair removal treatment.

Here are some quick, simple ways to take care of your skin after you have had laser hair removal:

Exfoliate. Exfoliate at least once a week. The skin may be sensitive and easily irritated immediately after your treatment but it is still advisable to exfoliate the skin once a week to remove dead skin cells, promote healthy rejuvenation and improve circulation. Buff away dead skin cells using a loofah or a soft exfoliating pad in order to make it easier for skin to grow new skin cells and heal properly.

Milk-based lotion. Use soothing skin care products that contain milk, rosemary and green tea. These help reduce any irritation or inflammation of the skin.

Chocolate. It is known that chocolate contains several anti-inflammatory agents and skin softeners, when used in skin care products these help soothe and repair the skin instantly. Chocolate isnt just a tasty treat, it can add real value to your skin care regime.

Body wraps. Body wraps infuse the skin with moisture and nutrients help to repair sensitive skin after treatment, helping you achieve a soft, smooth, silky finish in the ling term. Even though you will still need to apply a good moisturiser immediately after your treatment, body wraps provide your skin with a boost of nutrients that help make it resilient and more responsive to other skincare treatments.

Makeup. If you have had laser hair removal on your face avoid wearing too much make up, these sensitive areas may be more liable to irritation, discomfort and breakouts, even non-comedogenic makeup. Try not to use liquid based makeup to keep the skins and its pours clear and fresh. There are make ups made from minerals which may be alright to wear on sensitive skin but we advise wearing minimal make up for at least a few weeks after treatment.

Avoid the sun. After laser treatment skin can become more sensitive to heat and light for a short period of time after the treatment. Avoiding over exposure to the sun and especially sun beds will ensure that the skin is able to grow new healthy cells and the skin can completely heal.

Laser hair removal does take a number of treatments to achieve complete permanent hair reduction so you will need to take care of your skin between treatments giving it resilience against irritation and enabling it to heal better and more quickly. Taking good care of your skin and following a daily skin care routine will promote a healthy recovery and repair process making it easier for your skin to heal and regenerate, whilst also making your treatment plan much more effective.

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