It is a dog eat dog world out there, or thus the saying goes. Every person for themselves. Survival is at the core of each call and action.

Selfish because it looks, this is the reality of a tough retail environment. Regardless of how abundant we tend to dress it up, retail business owners, their suppliers and retail employees are typically all looking out for themselves.

This selfish focus has parties competing with each other, usually with a negative impact on the one unifying part in their relationships, the retail business.

There was a time when the shared objective of a retail business would have seen suppliers, owners and workers working together and not looking out for themselves initial, second and third with the business coming back fourth or later as we see today.

It’s rare today to determine a business where fairness to any or all stakeholders sits at the centre of the business.

This ignorance of fairness is not solely disappointing, it is damaging to the business and every of the stakeholders.

A honest relationship between retail store homeowners and suppliers can see each support every alternative and through this achieve bigger mutual success. This is higher for both businesses than one doing higher than the other.

In an exceedingly truthful relationship between workers and retail store owners will see each profit personally and financially.

Thus, how do you develop a fair relationship?

It starts with trust between all parties. Trust grows from open communication concerning shared objectives, common ground. It is designed over time, with all parties proving their commitment and seeing that operating toward the shares objectives is mutually beneficial.

A retail business that operates in an open and fair environment will expect to determine reduced theft, increased sales and improved productivity.

A retail store provider can expect to determine increased sales and a recent approach to resolving disputes over provide arrangements.

Staff can expect to advance any among the business and earn more.

These and other edges flow if all concerned within the business work as a team on the shared objectives that are engineered around fairness. No longer are these parties fighting and competing for his or her personal profit. They are working together knowing that they can share during a larger profit.

Yes, I appreciate that all of this sounds a small amount rosy, a touch like the Pollyanna movie. Trust me, it works. I have seen retail businesses turn around by changing from a selfish organization to a business operating on fairness and with all stakeholders pursuing a shared objective.

If you are not certain, step back and study your retail business. Are suppliers, the house owners, managers and staff all genuinely working for the common smart or are they out for what they can make for themselves?

Try it. Work along and see smart results flow for those involved through the success of the business.

Fairness works. You are feeling better too.

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