When it comes to cleaning your skin, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin properly. This would keep it radiant and glowing as always. Often a body scrub or an exfoliating brush is used for the purpose of cleaning away the dirt. The outer layer of the skin can be gently scrubbed to remove the dirt and the layers of dead skin. People often end up concentrating on the exfoliation of their face and thus end up ignoring the other body products.


There are different things that you might need for the process of exfoliation. These include an exfoliating cleanser, body lotion, pumice stone and a body brush. It is necessary that you follow a proper process of exfoliation. This would give you the desired results. Before you step into the shower, you can brush your skin with the gloves.


You can make use of a pumice stone to get rid of the calluses and rough spots that might affect your skin. If your feet are rough, then you can get rid of this condition by soaking the same in a solution of warm water mixed with milk prior to taking a shower.


You can use a body brush for the purpose of proper exfoliation.  It is necessary to use a mild scrub for your face. It is necessary that you use an exfoliating product that is meant for your face alone. These are gentler than the ones meant for the whole body.


It is necessary to apply a body moisturiser at least once a day. Exfoliation makes your skin dry and therefore it is necessary to ensure that your skin is well hydrated.


After you step out of the shower, it is necessary that you apply a moisturiser all over your body. Facial moisturisers and body lotions that include beta hydroxyl acids and alpha acids are perfect for the removal of dead skin cells.


There are a whole lot of products that are used for the purpose of exfoliation. These include ground almonds, sea salt, seeds, walnuts and sugar. A regular exfoliation routine, at least once or even twice a week is sufficient to make your skin appear smooth and glowing.  If you find that the skin becomes excessively dry after exfoliation, it is better that you refrain from scrubbing hard.


It is necessary that you choose your skin care products effectively, the ones that perfectly suit your skin type. You can purchase your products from reputed brands such as Dermalogica, which offers a huge range of products for various skin problems.


You need not have to compromise on the quality of the skin care products. You can use cheap dermalogica skin care products which do not have an adverse impact on the skin. There is a whole range of gentle to intense exfoliation products that can help to increase the glow of your skin, reduce dry and hyper-pigmented skin and improve the overall health of your skin.  You can purchase the products online and you may even end up getting attractive discounts.




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