The Absolute Best Health and Beauty Products for Acne Prone SkinClear Acne with the Best  Health and Beauty Products for Acne Prone Skin

When you suffer from acne breakouts you have the tendency to be extremely careful when indulging in new beauty and make up products. If you have sensitive acne prone skin there is a higher chance that your skin will react negatively to a new product.

When trying any of the below recommended products make sure to test it on a small area of the skin before using it regularly.
Best Foundation Make up for Acne
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Well, my personal favorite – Maybelline Pure Makeup – is no longer being made so I had to start all over again to find a product that does not irritate my extremely sensitive and breakout prone skin.

I tested several products before settling on my new favorite foundation – Vichy Norma Teint (texture sebum proof anti-imperfection foundation).

Vichy Norma Teint is a lightweight foundation with a small amount of glycolic acid in it. It is similar to a tinted moisturizer but has a great texture that stays on the skin and hiding imperfections. If you have oily skin there is no need to wear a moisturizer when using this foundation because it is moisturizing but with a matte look so there is no greasy shine. If your skin is dry you should wear a light moisturizer prior to applying the Vichy Norma Teint foundation makeup.

I love the texture and feel of this foundation – it does not cake onto the skin but glides on and blends in with your skin for a perfect application. It is non greasy and non cakey and hides imperfections. This is one foundation makeup that actually does what it claims to do. I was worried (really worried) that I would not find anything and would end up going without foundation make up because I just was not going down the acne breakout road again. I am truly impressed with this product and actually like it better than the Maybelline Pure Makeup foundation I was using.
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he best self tanning cream for acne prone skin is NeoStrata Natural Insta-Tan. This is hands down the best tanning cream I have ever used. It goes on smoothly, is streak free and gives a natural glowing tan. It does not sting your eyes or irritate the skin and I have not had a single breakout using this cream.

The self tanning cream goes on as a bronzer so you can see where you are applying it and you only need one application for a subtle glowing tan. It does have a slight fragrance but I did not have a reaction to it. Usually, I know right away if I will react to a product I can just feel a burning or a tightening on my skin – this is extremely gentle on the skin. health and beauty
Best Powder Blush for Acne Prone Skin

Caryl Baker Visage Make up has the best blush for acne prone skin. When it comes to blush a powder works best for acne prone skin. Avoid bismuth oxychloride in any powdered make up because it is known to irritate skin and cause bad breakouts. Bismuth oxychloride is in most mineral make ups and a lot of powdered make up products. It took a while to find a perfect blush for acne prone skin – Caryl Baker Visage Powder Blush (Matte Blush). This goes on with relative ease and feels great allowing the skin to breath and preventing irritation and breakouts.Since I have used the matte blush I have had no acne or breakouts.

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