South Shore Skin Center Dermatologist is Guest Speaker at American Academy of Dermatology

  COHASSET, MIDDLEBORO AND PLYMOUTH, MASS… Dr. Tierney lectured on the advantages and disadvantages of radiation after Mohs micrographic surgery for squamous cell carcinoma with perineural invasion as well as on the advantages and disadvantages of imiquimod for superficial basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. Dr. Tierney, who is currently on […]

Can A Dermatology Clinic Help Me With Skin Lesions Or Melanoma?

Can a professional dermatology clinic help me with skin lesions or melanoma? Of course it can, you just need to find a quality practitioner first. Colorado Springs dermatology clinics offer a variety of procedures, including the removal of moles, skin tags and even cancerous growths. Here are a series of […]