A century ago, one had probably not thought that LED (light-emitting diode) can give significant contribution in medical and aesthetics field. Technology has been advanced from time to time that we can feel the benefits, especially in those two fields, giving chances to human for better living.

LED therapy is widely used in medical treatment and aesthetics or skincare. This kind of therapy has been approved as a safe alternative without significant side effects. The safety is guaranteed as it doesn’t produce harmful UV rays or heat that you can have for long term.

For medical treatment, LED is used to activate drugs in healing cancer tumors. It is usually called as photodynamic therapy. Compared to surgery, LED therapy is considered more effective in cancer healing process. There is a research saying that LED stimulates cells to grow 150 up to 200 percent faster than when they grow by themselves. Besides, this therapy can heal inflammation on skin and relieve pain and wound.

Speaking on skincare treatment, LED therapy is functioned to reduce oil production and correct scaring, signs of aging, acne, and skin discoloration. Then we would like to give you understanding on how LED therapy works in skincare treatment. Basically it uses non-thermal light and emits no UV rays so that it will stay cool without the risk of burning of the skin.

Within this process, the light is able to penetrate into the skin, even the inner layers with quick absorption. LED light penetrating into your skin gives the cells energy and stimulates them to work well. Furthermore, those cells produce more collagen and elastin, two proteins which are useful to minimize wrinkles and fine line. Elastin is good in firming your skin structure. In addition, it helps avoid skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

You might be interested in trying LED therapy to gain beautiful skin as these treatments are fast, but safe and effective for all skin types. Some LED light sources are designed for personal use that you can have the treatment in your home. Finally we hope that this article is useful for you.

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