We often say eye is the window to soul, and it also plays a decisive role in determining our personal images. This is also why some of us with certain eye shapes are much attractive to look at. However, eyes and skins around are prone to age and many other factors and we are seemed older on and on as time go by- there are some dark circle, wrinkles around our eyes.


In particular, our eyes and our personal images will be greatly affected as we age- some of us are even bothered by this or suffer from vision problem of some sort. Luckily, there are really some ways out. There are now some new procedures that can make us much younger and attractive to look at by lifting our eye lids.


In fact, there are already some procedures for people with droop eye lids in the past, but a cut will be made. Of course, these surgeries can also bring us a lot of benefits, but the cut might be obvious sometime. For this, some new methods are feasible.


There are now really some new Blepharophlasties that can leave no mark of cutting on our eye lids. During these procedures, the cut will be made inside, not outside of the eye lid. Of course, there are still also some much advanced methods. Theses methods are much natural and tend to make the loose skins much tightened with laser. But sometimes the results are not very ideal.


Because an incision will be made during the process, some numbing drops are needed, so as to lessen pain. And the whole recovery process is relatively short. Only several days later, we can do almost everything as usual. About a week is needed for complete recovery. In addition, it is very important to find a qualified surgeon for theses procedures.


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