Are you interested in clearing skin age spots? Do you want your skin to look beautiful and healthy again? Don’t dread…there are some solutions available for getting rid of your age spots and for achieving that radiant, healthy look you once had. You don’t have to resort to conventional methods. Sometimes, such methods can irritate the skin and cause unhealthy side effects. However, there are natural solutions you can use to get the results you desire.

For clearing skin age spots, dermatologists use several methods, which include laser treatment, chemical peels, and whitening creams. While it may be unnecessary to use these methods, it is medically necessary to have a dermatologist to examine your age spots for cancer. Other than possibly needing treatment by a dermatologist for skin cancer, following some natural tips is all that you may need.

Why resort to natural methods instead of using the popular treatments that are often prescribed or administered by dermatologists? Dry skin, red skin, and flaky skin are some of the unwanted conditions caused by conventional skin whitening treatments that dermatologists use to clear age spots. These unhealthy conditions are usually caused by the harsh ingredients in the whitening creams and chemical peels. Sometimes, laser treatments can cause these conditions, especially if they are not administered correctly.

Hydroquinone is one of the harshest ingredients found in skin whitening creams. The European Union has banned this ingredient from cosmetics, but the United States continues to use it at a concentration of about 2% to 4% in topical creams. Hydroquinone has caused cancer in mice in clinical studies; however, dermatologists continue to prescribe topical creams containing this ingredient.

One particular remedy you can use is a skin whitener containing a potent, cutting-edge ingredient referred to as extrapone nutgrass. Symrise, a German-based company, introduced this ingredient into the mainstream natural skin care arena about 2 years ago. Naturopathic scientists have run several trials that consistently prove the effectiveness of this ingredient. This ingredient not only whitens your skin gradually, but it brightens your skin and makes it look healthier.

If you are looking for the optimal plan in clearing your skin age spots, using skin care with extrapone nutgrass and other natural ingredients is a wise choice. Not only should the skin care products include any natural ingredients but should include ingredients that work synergistically. Such ingredients should treat the skin from inside out by tackling other aging problems such as wrinkles and fine lines. Also, the ingredients should stabilize skin cells to prevent any form of skin cancer or to prevent any existing cancer from worsening.

Also, another important step you can add to your arsenal includes staying out of the sun as much as possible, because the UVA rays from the sun are known to cause age spots. When going out into the sun, wear a sun block with zinc oxide or titanium oxide. However, try to refrain from wearing sunscreens containing toxic or carcinogenic ingredients, since such elements could cause long-term side effects.

By avoiding harmful skin whitening treatments but using the natural tips outlined in this article, you’ll achieve results that not only get rid of age spots…but also get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and make your skin much healthier. Follow these proven steps in clearing your skin age spots. You’ll have nothing to lose…only long-lasting benefits to gain instead.

Maricha Jordan is an avid proponent and long-timer user of natural skincare. If you have unwanted wrinkles, fine lines and damaged skin, visit now to learn about the cutting-edge skin care products she personally recommends.

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