Natural remedies in acne treatment is a complicated subject. The truth is that virtually everyone gets acne at some point in their lives; there are few if any diseases more common than this one. It’s not just a problem for teenagers, either; more than a quarter of adult men and half of adult women will suffer from acne as well.

The complicated part of the situation is finding natural remedies that actually work. The list of side effects with most acne medication is a laundry list that includes things that are far worse than just a few pimples, so it’s no surprise that people are out there looking for natural ways to cure their acne.

The problem is that a huge percentage of all these supposed remedies are just so much horse pucky. They are the modern day equivalent of burying a potato under the full moon to get rid of warts. The internet has only made this worse, since even good information about alternative treatments for acne or anything else can become distorted through what is often times the world’s biggest game of telephone.

This article will show you several good natural ways to treat your acne, but first there are a few things you should know about evaluating natural treatments. The first thing they need to do is pass the common sense test. Does it make sense? Don’t be fooled by claims of ancient methods or traditional ways that don’t make any sense.

The second thing they need to do is pass the credibility test. That is, is the person telling you about this is a credible source, or are they just out to make a quick buck off your acne problems. Any good natural remedy should pass at least one of the two tests and preferably both. With that in mid, here are a few treatments that pass the test.

Honey masks are a good way to help treat your acne. Now, we’re not talking about just slathering your face with honey, although that might work. Instead find mask recipes that include natural honey, because it contains natural antibacterial substances that will help fight pimples before they get started.

Another way to treat acne naturally is to use herbal steams. Basically, you take a small amount of dry herbs, add them to a quart of boiling water and then put your face a comfortable distance above, letting the steam hit your pores and open them. You can use a towel over your head to concentrate the effect. Good herbs to use in this include lavender and red clover.

The very simplest natural treatment is to simply get some sun. We’ve become conditioned to avoid the sun these days, wary of skin cancer and wrinkles. This isn’t an unwarranted fear, but the skin was designed to get a certain amount of sun exposure. Try to get fifteen minutes or so of indirect sun each day on as much of your body as feasible, and you will see your overall skin quality begin to improve.

There other natural remedies in acne treatment, but these are the ones that are cheapest, easiest and most effective. Remember to apply the two tests and you’ll be able to find an acne remedy that works for you.

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