So many people experience the annoying and embarrassing skin condition of acne where our face becomes covered in uncontrollable breakouts, making the skin red and itchy also leaving scars behind.

However what many do not realize is that you can control this outbreak of spots with natural ingredients and mixtures that are in some cases just as good as the medical cream that your doctor recommends for you to use. And in a lot more circumstances, the power of natural remedies is far more fast acting and effective.

Due to eating habits and unbalanced diets this can cause a lack of certain nutrients that are vital for the care of your skin. If you regularly do the following steps you can be well on your way to permanently curing your acne and see noticeable results within four weeks!

Make a honey mask and apply it one to two times weekly – This antibacterial source enables your spots to be disinfected and will smooth over small blemishes. It’s also great if you have sensitive skin.

Cleanse your face two times every day using acne soap – A sulfur based cleansing wash will be a good refresher for your skin as well as a good acne remedy and works best if applied once when you wake up then again at night before you are about to go to bed. However be cautious not to over wash your face as this could reverse the effects and bring up more spots as it activates the sebaceous glands in your face to make increased amounts of sebum which is the original cause of spots.

If you have long hair try to keep it off your face – The reason for this is because the oils that are in your hair may rub off onto your face and will not help but worsen the breakout of spots. Also wash your hair regularly or after you have finished exercising.

Take multi-vitamins regularly – This is a vital part of getting the balanced vitamins and nutrients into your body so it can give your skin the needed treatment it needs. Acne is often indicating that something’s not quite right inside your body.

Incorporate chromium into your regular diets – This is great for weight loss diets but along with this benefit, this will also be a very go antiseptic for healing and getting rid of blemishes from the skin. If you take chromium then this will banish pimples very quickly and stop future break outs.

Eat carrots – This contains the valuable source of vitamin A which boosts and strengthens the protective tissue which produces the sebum that gives you spots so prevents spots from breaking out. It is also crucial for maintaining and repairing the tissue as it is what the membranes of the skin are made of.

Avoid putting on makeup – Oil based make up can encourage your pimples to come out and spread them drastically. So also investing in a mineral powder foundation instead of liquid is good as they provide nutrients from your skin whilst giving you a matte finish.

Use a good skin cleansing system – A combination of face wash, scrub and special supplements can have a fast acting effect of acne and spots.

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