Skin the outermost covering of the body. It protects the inner organs with its multilayer covering. Therefore it is necessary to take care of your skin by regular cleaning and moisturizing. The great natural skin care is not only done by applying good cosmetics but your lifestyle also impacts your skin. If you are addicted to alcohol or smoking, then ageing sign can easily be seen on your face. Consume all the necessary ingredients responsible for good skin and apply good cosmetics.
For the great natural skin care one should have to take a good fiber diet, drinking lots of water, fruit juices, and protein diet. Dairy products are also one of the good options to remain healthy. The creams and lotions make your skin look good only for some time but eating healthy will help you to look younger. Exercises helps in regulating blood circulation and make your skin toned.
New Image International is one of the pioneers of health and wellness products. It is the first and one of the largest retailers of colostrum. The company specializes in nutritional and health related products. New Image International is better known for its slimming and colostrums products. Colostrum is the first milk produced in the late pregnancy; it consists of essential nutrients and infection fighting antibodies. Therefore consuming bovine colostrum is beneficial for health as it boosts immune system and heals the cancer and any kind of disease. The colostrum helps in defeating ageing and makes the skin glow like never before.
One other such company is Miessence, who is certified for using real organic products. The products of this company is against animal cruelty and they are purely organic consists no chemicals or pesticides. Their products consists of bio-active components and do not consists of cancer causing chemicals, no reproductive toxins, no safety violations, no allergens or skin irritants. The company is certified by Australian Certified Organic, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and IFOAM. It is patented cold formulation to protect the integrity of the ingredients with no heating. The products are 100% safe on sensitive skin, even on babies. They are 100% bio active ingredients and a company that never tested on animals.
The additional benefits of using Miessence products is that contamination is prevented due to facial skin care creams, lotion and organic make up having their own dispensers, applicators and fingers do not touch the contents. Miessence products have a definite shell of 18 months and as the ingredients are fresh, active and nourishing and they should be used as your daily routine once opened. Products actually feed your skin rather than clogging and it helps in improving appearance and feel of your skin due to nourishment rather than chemical ingredients giving the impression it is moisturized. The second thing is its generous sized containers. Its moisturizer comes with dual application both day and night so that you dont need to purchase additional moisturizers or expensive night cream.

Emiley David acts as a consultant for Lushorganics and for more information see, Great natural skin care,New Image International or Miessence products.

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