Don’t we all want to know how to have glowing skin? A radiant complexion catches the eye and sends a message of internal well being and health and virility that most people find extremely appealing.

While our expectations in this regard may have been falsely exaggerated by the artificially enhanced photos of models and celebrities on the covers of glossy magazines, it is certainly not a impossible to have glowing, radiant skin that looks wonderful even without makeup or computer enhancements.

How do you achieve this? In the first of this series of articles on how to have glowing skin we’ll look at the importance of eating correctly. Let’s get right to it!

Glowing skin diet

You need to keep your insides healthy if you want to shine on the outside. Fixing your diet is your first course of action here. Yes, it takes discipline, but nothing good comes easy. Here are the most important diet tips for a glowing, radiant skin.

1. Stay away from refined sugars, especially soft drinks

A high intake of sugar puts an unneeded amount of stress on your system. It is estimated that the average American puts 135 pounds of sugar into their body every year. Your body doesn’t like sugar and doesn’t handle it well.

One of the major effects of sugar is the suppression of the immune system. It is also generally considered to speed up the aging process, meaning more wrinkles, more quickly.

Soft drinks are one of the major evils here, and if you can eliminate this rubbish from your diet you’ve already taken a big step. Make sure you don’t stop there though.

2. Eat plenty of raw foods

The health benefits of raw fruits and vegetables isn’t a myth. Fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and berries are rich in antioxidants and natural vitamins and minerals. In addition to that they provide fibre, which helps keep your insides clean and reduces the risk of all manner of harmful bacteria setting up permanent shop in your colon.

3. Glowing skin vitamins

Vitamins that provide the most benefit to your skin include A, C, E, K and certain B vitamins. With a balanced diet and the possible addition of a good vitamin supplement you shouldn’t have a problem getting plenty of these in your system.

In the next article in this series on how to have glowing skin we’ll look at the importance of the correct skin care in the quest for glowing, radiant skin.

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