Glowsticking is the term used for dancing in the light of glow lights. This is one of the most widely use of glow lights in extravagant and plush communities where parties, rave dances, musical concerts and night clubs are considered incomplete without the glow of these lights. It not only illuminates the night-time performances but also serve for making tricks and illusions by jugglers to spell a cast on audience at Halloween eves. Beaming toys, light effects of balloons, roadside visible night time warnings to motor cyclists, and color coded shoes of children keeping them in sight of their parents are some other widely employed applications of these lights.

Back to glow sticking, glow lights established its popularity in rave parties where stage performances and dances were carried out under the beguiling light of glow lights highlighting the dancing moves and body posture, in late 70s and early 80s. Later some modifications were made with the addition of lasers, light toys, and LEDs to spot the performer at the stage. Currently the glow stick dance culture community pleads the idea that everyone has a right to be lightened by the glow of these lights besides highlighting rave scenes at parties which had long been part of glowsticking and had got banned in several states later on.

Available in different sizes and colors, one can choose these lights to complement the dcor and design of the event venue. The world”s largest glow stick was illuminated on 24th of April, 2009, at the opening ceremony of the second Bang Face Weekender at a holiday park in Camber Sands, East Sussex, and England. By Guinness Book of World records the glow stick was measured to be 8 feet and 4 inches tall in size, casting picturesque panorama of the entire park all around.

The science working in cylindrical sticks making them to glow is nothing but just an interesting experiment of chemistry lab. Two fragile containers containing a solution in each are fixed in special configuration within the stick, so that upon triggering, the solutions get mixed and yield a chemical reaction, giving light as by product all within no time. By properly adjusting the concentration of solutions, manufacturers have come up with glow lights of varying colors, radiating lights for varying time and brightness according to the requisite of your function.

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