There are many ways to get rid of skin moles. It is advisable to use natural methods as it is safe and do not leave any marks or scars. If you are having moles in large numbers, consult a doctor and rule out possibilities for skin cancer. Here are a few methods through which you can get rid of skin moles.

• Garlic- It is known for its anti inflammatory properties and is a useful remedy to get rid of skin moles. Place a crushed clove of garlic on the affected area and secure it with a bandage. Within a few days you can see the mole disappearing.
• Using Vaseline daily can is helpful to get rid of skin moles.
• Pineapples are known for its action on moles. Use the fresh slice of the fruit on the moles 3 to 4 times a day for effective results.
• Castor oil is indicated for mole removal and to reduce the itching and discomfort produced by these tiny lesions.
• Tea Tree Oil is helpful to get rid of skin moles. You have to apply this oil continuously for 10 days and can see effective changes.
• Fig stems are effective in treating skin moles. Use the juice of this plant and apply on the part affected. A little amount of leaves can also be added to the mixture for quick results.
• Vitamin C helps in decreasing the size of moles relatively quicker than other methods. Take vitamin C pills and grind them and apply it to the moles. Cover them with a bandage and repeat the procedure for a few days.
• Apply the juice prepared from grapes on the moles for 3 to 4 times daily and wrap it with a cloth for quick results.

Natural methods will make your skin glow and shiny compared to conventional modes of treatment. Even though there are surgeries present nowadays for treating moles, it is harmful to use them on your skin. Following these methods regularly will help you in removing your moles completely.

Moles are generally harmless and do not cause any discomfort to the human body. Use these natural modes of treatment to get rid of skin moles at the earliest. If your mole is itchy or bleeding, consult a doctor and then start the treatment.

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