Trying to stay acne free can be a constant battle for some.  At one point, all of us have had to deal with an acne breakout.  Here are natural and some not so natural treatments that can be very effective at treating acne:

Witch Hazel Astringent.  As the name implies, this astringent is derived from the witch hazel plant.  The plant grows wild from Canada down to Texas.  The astringent is extracted from the twigs of the plant. Witch hazel astringent is not as harsh as commercially produced astringents and can help you treat your acne.

Commercially Produced Astringents.  Astringents you purchase over the counter are also very effective.  There are a variety of different astringent products to choose from.  Many include additional ingredients that help promote healthy skin.  You should use these with extra care as they have a tendency to be harsh on sensitive skin.

Natural Food Treatments.  Various foods can be used to treat your acne.  These include oranges, lemons, fresh garlic, and potatoes.  Oranges and lemons are acidic and can be used to gently remove dead skin from the face.  Simply squeeze the juice on cotton balls and apply it to the face.  Wash your face with warm water after about twenty minutes.  Fresh garlic and raw potatoes can be used similarly.  Although the idea of rubbing garlic on your face may sound odd and even a little revolting, it can help you minimize your acne breakouts.

Oral Antibiotics. For severe cases of acne, a physician may choose to prescribe antibiotics.  These medications help to reduce the bacteria found inside skin follicles.  This bacteria has been proven to cause acne breakouts.  Some antibiotics also reduce the concentration of free fatty acids in the sebum, which helps to minimize inflammation.  Tetracycline is the most frequently prescribed antibiotic for acne treatment. This particular antibiotic should be taken on an empty stomach.  The initial starting dose is usually 500mg taken twice daily.  Erythromycin is also another popular anti acne antibiotic.  Unlike Tetracycline, it can be prescribed to pregnant women.  Side effects of this drug include nausea and upset stomach.  As an added bonus, Erythromycin has anti inflammatory properties that Tetracycline lacks.  Like Tetracycline, Erythromycin shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach.

Topical Treatments.  Medicated creams and ointments applied to the skin can also work well for reducing acne breatkouts and treating existing breakouts.  Often, these topical medications can result in dried skin and flaking.  Still, these can often be the most effective treatments for severe forms of acne.

You have several choices available to you.  There isn’t any reason you should continue to suffer.  Speak with your dermatologist and he/she will devise a treatment plan that works best for you.

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