There is such a variety of products in the market for acne treatment, that it is difficult to make the right choice. Naturally all products are not equal, and besides, the suitability of each product is different for each user. There are different acne treatments giving different types of results, depending upon the ingredients present in the product.

The commonest products for acne treatment are the 3-step cleansing programs or the combination supplement and the cleanser treatment. Ingestible capsules are often prescribed by doctors and there are electronic devices for treatment too.

The products used for acne treatment have various bases like the alcohol solutions and the aqueous solutions. The alcohol solutions are good for an oily skin and they evaporate. The water based solutions are suitable for normal to dry skin, and often contain a bit of alcohol. Besides these solutions there are creams, foams, gels and lotions for treating acne. The creams are less greasy and get absorbed quickly into the skin. Just like the creams the foams and gels are also meant for normal to oily skin. But foams are quite expensive. Lotions may have a drying effect, and ointments of any kind are greasy and some users may not like them.

Among six most popular acne treatment products, the Acnezine acne solution is by far the most popular. Even if the acne is severe, this medicine works wonders on your skin. It is an all-natural product and its theory is to treat acne from the inside out. There are two other products which are on top of the list, and they are ClearPores and Zenmed. Sometimes just one product may not be effective in treating acne. Therefore a combination of washes, creams and herbal supplements will be able to fight the acne bacteria from all directions.

Besides a large number of cleansers, acne gels and washers there are a few acne treatment devices which are battery operated. These help to kill the bacteria in a follicle even before the pimple reaches the surface of the skin. These devices are called Thermaclear and Zeno. They basically stop the formation of the pimple and if it is formed and caught early, it can be cured in a day.

Both the devices have received excellent customer reviews. The whole procedure is very simple. The device has a small tip where heat and energy is created and when it is brought in contact with the skin it neutralizes the bacteria inside the follicle. In this manner, it takes only two-and-a-half seconds to treat each pimple. The tip of the device requires replacement only after a year.

The Zeno acne treatment device works in a similar manner as the Thermaclear. But the Zeno has to be held longer on the pimple, for about two-and-a-half minutes, and the procedure has to be repeated at least 2 to 3 times in a day when the pimple is at its initial stage. The tip needs quicker replacement, in about 60 to 90 days. You can carry the Zeno in your purse; it is small and comes in different colors.

Since acne products are made from different materials in different bases in order to suit different skin types, it is important for each person to check the skin type and then begin with the treatment.

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