When it comes to select flooring for home, office, building, or shopping mall, then it becomes too difficult to conclude that which one should be selected. Actually, it becomes difficult because today, we have various coloring options for wall and doors but when we talk about flooring then we have very limited textures like wooden, marble, concrete, etc. That is why taking decision about flooring sometimes become a headache, as matching it with wall colors and doors texture is not so easy. But, now with Karndean flooring this problem has been resolved.

Karndean flooring is a type of vinyl flooring and is completely synthetic in nature. This flooring is available in form of tiles and plank instead of traditional sheets. It comes in various designs that imitate traditional flooring types like wood, timber, concrete, marble, stone, slate, etc. Karndean flooring is found most happening when you want to give your floor the finishing of traditional wood or timber but the area does not suit for that. For example, you want your bathroom floor to look like as wooden flooring has been done but if you do wooden flooring then it will not be so durable because of its contact with water most of the time. But, with Karndean flooring, you can complete your this wish, as it can be best implemented in kitchen, bathroom, and balconies.

While laying down Karndean flooring, you must take care about the precautions required for its quick and successful installation. If you are not used to with laying down floor then consult someone who is professional in laying down Karndean flooring. This flooring follows easy laying technique on sub surface but there are certain things that must be taking care of before starting the process of implanting the Karndean flooring. Mentioned below are the points that must be considered for successful and stunning implementation of this vinyl flooring:

Make it sure that there will be no bumps and lumps on the surface because if there will be bumps or lumps then tile or plank may get broken or may not set properly.
Make it sure that the sub surface is clean and dust free. Implementing Karndean flooring is not possible if the surface will be dusty.
Make it sure that no sharp object is available beneath the surface.

These are some points that must be considered while implementing Karndean flooring. After you have designed the floor with this flooring, apply roller on it to let it stick to the surface.

Aaron Ace is a renowned interior designer who has had more than 20 years in the industry. His most prolific achievement has been his bold usage of tiles as an integral part of interior design, and is responsible for bringing about awareness regarding the benefits of using tiles. Know more about tiles and Karndean flooring.

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