I am a nurse. I care for people. I administer medications, report changes in condition, assist and facilitate care, coordinate all areas of patient care including but not limited to the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of what it is to be human. Treatments including respiratory therapy, dressings and wound care to name a few of the more interesting parts. There are times when my suggestions to the doctor carry more weight than their own thoughts on the matter. No one knows my patients better than me. But what I really do is study people.

I guess that is why I cannot help but comment on the state of the world. One thing that always amazes me is how simple some solutions are. Many people I speak with see the same things, so obvious to us yet for some reason eluding those who have the power to effect the changes needed.

One of the most durable jokes has to do with two people on coke staying up all night and solving the world’s problems. Funny, but when G.W. was coked up, he probably had better ideas than he does now. Even drunks in the bar seem to be able to agree on some basic premises. Lying is wrong. Forcing others to believe as you do is wrong. Slavery is wrong. Killing is wrong except possibly in self defense or defense of the life of another, and then only if not premeditated. (If you could premeditate the circumstance you could have avoided it, other wise the entire event was not premeditated) Negligence is wrong.

True, almost all of real life is not so simple but that does not mean that these truths do not hold. As I mentioned in an earlier article, “What does one suppose to be the meaning, then of ALL men are created equal?” when considering how to treat others in the world. The self evident truths in the constitution are for all. Period. End of letter. Apply the simplest rule to figure out the solution to a problem. Then progress to more complicated ones if that seems insufficient. But to over complicate issues is to cloud justice, and justice does not mean revenge, it means fairness. Fairness implies fairness to ALL. Even those you don’t like.

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