The harsh conditions of the winter months can often cause problems for those with dry or sensitive skin. This year in particular, many people will have found that the unexpected ‘cold snap’ has caused their skin a few problems! Cold weather and wind are not all your skin has to contend with during the winter; the increased use of central heating and hot water can also dry the skin, and this can often be uncomfortable and itchy, not to mention unsightly.

Aveda is a well known skincare brand, and many people choose products to help their skin survive during the colder months! Aveda have developed an innovative range of ‘balancing infusions’, which allow you to tailor your existing products to suit the season or your skin’s changing needs.

Aveda’s ‘balancing infusion’ for dry skin is a blend of highly concentrated pure essence, and is available in a 10ml bottle. The formula can help to rehydrate the skin, and encourage the production of natural moisturising and lubricating oils. The ‘balancing infusion’ can be added to your everyday cleanser or moisturiser, by simply mixing a few drops into each application. The infusion could also be added to a face masque, to really give your skin a treat!

Using an optional add-in product such as Aveda’s ‘balancing infusion’ for dry skin can be a great way to tailor your beauty regime to suit the changing weather conditions. Skin may need a little extra help and care during the winter, and this is a good way to provide nourishment. Using an add-in infusion can also be cost effective, as you needn’t buy expensive creams and cleansing products that are specifically designed for winter use. You can still continue to use your favourite Aveda products and maintain your regular beauty regime, with a little added rehydration as and when you need it!

Aveda’s ‘balancing infusion’ range is available not only to suit dry skin, but also sensitive skin which may require soothing and calming products. The infusions are easy to keep close to hand, as they come in 10ml bottles that can fit simply into any wash bag. The infusions are highly concentrated, and so only require a couple of drops for each application. Consequently, a small bottle can last a long time and be a cost-effective way of tailoring your winter skin regime!

Keeping your skin hydrated and soothed during the winter months is essential to help it look healthy and smooth. Neglecting your skin can cause acceleration in the development of fine lines and wrinkles, so investing in a range of high quality skincare products and establishing a skincare routine is essential. Aveda is a very popular skincare brand, and there is a very wide range of products available for you to choose from. It should be easy to find the products that you need to suit your skin type, budget, current beauty regime, and lifestyle! Looking online can be a great way to find skincare products at reduced prices, compared to those on the high street.

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