If you are considering of OTC (over the counter) acne treatment, stop right on your track. There are reasons why you should not rely on them because they are not as useful as they seem.

Many over the counter treatments contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Some doctors have conducted a research on benzoyl peroxide and the results have shown that this ingredient that will make one to grow old faster. And as for salicylic acid, it has been tested that this ingredient could cause skin discoloration and thus, causing uneven skin tone to your face.

Certain acne does not respond to OTC treatment. This is because the acne is immune to the ingredients that are used. Therefore, you should not invest your money on over the counter product knowing that you will not get any good results. Compared to natural ingredients which give results within 1to 2 weeks, over the counter acne products usually take 6 to 8 weeks in order for the result to be seen.

Furthermore, over the counter acne treatment is somewhat costly. If the product is able to give out good results, then it is worth your money and time. But the truth is that over the counter acne treatment can only make your acne disappear for a short period of time only. This means that you will need to visit them again whenever your acne returns. OTC acne treatments give empty promises and when you are expecting your acne to heal fast. Therefore, it would be a wiser choice if you choose treatments that have been proved to work and where their results are long lasting.

Think twice when you are considering getting over the counter acne treatment. Make a little research on other alternative to treat your acne without having to spend so much on products that do not give you any good result.

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