Must dermatology mole removal be expensive? Please take a look at these stories.

Helen went to the dermatologist for a consultation on her moles. After a careful examination, he claimed that the moles on her body were harmless. When Helen asked about removing the three moles and two skin tags on her face, the doctor asked for a payment of $ 200 for each mole and $ 150 each for the skin tags.

Another experience of dermatology mole removal involved my brother Albert. When he was trying to remove a mole and two warts on his body, the mole cost him $ 150 and the freezing procedure for the warts cost him $ 120 a pop. He ended up spending over $ 600 in total which covered the procedures, the bandaging and the consultation fees. But the most discouraging was that he still had the warts on his hand after the treatments because the warts kept returning!

Counter to the common belief that good products don’t come cheap, dermatology mole removal and other skin problem cures need not be expensive. The misconception stems from the primal belief that if an issue is related to our health or looks, we don’t want to be the one who opts for the least expensive treatment, just to receive the least satisfactory results.

However, the primal instinct mentioned above is only true sometimes when it involves buying some tangible products. When it comes to issues of health and beauty, the expensive option may not provide the best value or yield the best results. Take an obese patient as an example, costly drastic weight loss formulas may not work as effectively as an inexpensive diet plan recommended by a good weight loss book. And dermatology mole removal is one of these instances.

If you’ve tried expensive methods of removing moles, warts and skin tags and failed before, it’s time for you to go for a one hundred percent safe, painless and natural cure that you can apply at the comfort of your home.

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