Beautiful Nose, Inside Out – Septoplasty Recovery Time and Procedures

In the past few years, “Rhinoplasty” became a household term as cosmetic dermatology dramatically exploded and a bunch of Hollywood celebrities admitted to undergo such treatment. Rhinoplasty is also known as “nose job”, and associated with cosmetic, as opposed to reconstructive, purposes. In the medical field though, Rhinoplasty is not […]

What Does She Want

Thanksgiving day is around the corner and have you started to prepare the presents for the most important female in your life? Either you were a new boyfriend or being a husband for years, you should prepare a sweet gift for either your girlfriend or your wife. Why should you […]

Common Procedures Undertaken By Atlanta Cosmetic Dentists

Americans spend zillions of dollars every year to get that picture perfect smile. From over the counter teeth whiteners to braces, veneers and implants, they’ve tried everything that’s been invented to make their smile look perfect. There are countless dental procedures followed by Atlanta cosmetic dentists to help people get […]