The sale of “shavings oil” is absolutely genuine, does have hair care and hair growth effect, all material secret from the public germinal, many older men have used, even the well-known gourmet Whampoa has vigorously promoted. Share the secret home-made bark, wood shavings oil is mainly used for hair care and hair painted after the massage, in addition to beautiful black can produce results, but also has a hair growth effect. They are all sold homemade shaving oil, in addition to the original flavor, there Prynne taste and smell the rose, the price per tael ranging from 15-16 yuan. Production of a bottle of shaving oil, ready to use on the eight to ten days time. Mo said that we first purchased from the Mainland, tree bark, wood shavings, cut into strips, then into the mixer, “to stir the sun to rot, like Paste Link.” Finally, white pulp tree tea oil soaked wood shavings, soaked for days they’re done.

Regular massage benefits are numerous, can eliminate fatigue, relieve stress reduction, promote blood circulation, improve muscle stiffness and strengthen the immune system. Long-term exercise, stretching the lead to tendon strain, may also be relief through massage. No injuries, then also received health effect. Massage services are provided by multi-point massage technician professional primary reason.

Many people know that there are several whitening cosmetic techniques, etc. I tell you about: the use of whitening beauty products is the role of the main ingredients of what you know? Most people are rarely involved in this part of the common sense, so often to stand before the cosmetics counter at a loss. Whitening ingredients to understand some of the classic right to worry about their own cosmetics counters to the mall, shopping guide only stupidly listening to what is what Miss; because of sun exposure, activates melanin cells, only the melanin The living conditions, so sunscreen beauty is very important for the whitening. In the choice of beauty products, it is best to pick the product that contains sunscreen ingredients, if not, you can use Cream with sunscreen or sunscreen. In the choice of sunscreen, be sure to select both UVA and UVB resistant sunscreen product of two wavelengths, so that it can also effectively black sun damage and sun protection. In general, sensitive and dry skin, suitable for physical sunscreen products, mixed and oily skin can choose to chemical sunscreen products. Out when the proposal with a bottle of sunscreen spray, lightly spray massage, as White points; whitening beauty before moisture can increase the water content of stratum corneum of skin, improve the skin’s surface cells and tissues, but also to avoid the use of whitening products drying arising from the sensitive. Especially for sensitive and dry skin, and the mixed partial dry skin. Too thin stratum corneum of the skin, the more it should be noted, and in the use of beauty products before using moisturizing skin care cream; containing vitamin C, E in food, especially cooked tomatoes, sun protection and whitening. Kiwi, oranges, apples, strawberries, green leafy vegetables, carrots, oats, peanuts, green peppers are all good antioxidant and whitening food! In addition, the intake of food is the pigmentation, but also the key whitening can be effective. We want to eat acidic foods, such as meat, oil, wine, sugar and so on.

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