In the past few years, “Rhinoplasty” became a household term as cosmetic dermatology dramatically exploded and a bunch of Hollywood celebrities admitted to undergo such treatment. Rhinoplasty is also known as “nose job”, and associated with cosmetic, as opposed to reconstructive, purposes. In the medical field though, Rhinoplasty is not as simple as “nose job” in as much as there are many other kinds of procedures done to the nose. One of those procedures is Septoplasty. Septoplasty refers to the surgical reshaping of the nose’s septum. The septum includes the cartilage and bone that divide the two nostrils. Septoplasty can both perform aesthetic and reconstructive function. It can improve the patient’s general facial appearance and at the same time treat septum deviations that can cause further health complications. Are you curious about Septoplasty Recovery Time and Procedures? Read this up and learn.

Septoplasty is a crucial component of rhinoplasty since such procedure entails reduction of the nose’s amount of breathing space. In septoplasty, surgeons begin by creating incisions that surround the nose’s bridge. After this, the cartilage and bone are removed, reformed, and rearranged according to the desired look, or the planned resolution to any breathing obstruction. When all of these are done, surgeons will then close the incisions, add cartilage support, bandage the aftermath, and send the patient to healing phase.

It is important to remember though that Septoplasty is not only being done to make the nose appear more pleasant. Septoplasty, more than the aesthetic result it can bring, is concerned with healing patients that have septal problems. People who constantly experience difficulty in breathing, headaches, uncontrolled nosebleeds, and sinusitis have huge possibility of having misaligned or deformed septum.

Septoplasty Recovery Time may take from as short as 7 days to as long as 3 weeks. This actually depends on the patient’s slow or fast ability to heal wounds. During septoplasty recovery time patients are strictly directed to stay at home and avoid any kind of strenuous activity. Constant movements can lead to more intense breathing, and patients will definitely feel uncomfortable when this happens.

Average cost of Septoplasty starts from 3,000 USD. It is difficult to find a good Septoplastic surgeon with a rate lower than this. Before making any decisions, make sure that the surgeon you’re dealing with has a number of successful cases. If you are going to spend a significant amount of money, make sure that the procedure is worth every cent, so when septoplasty recovery time ends, you are satisfied, smiling, and blissful.

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