Skin care is one of women’s main concerns when it comes to maintaining a good appearance. A lot of time is spent in taking care of the skin to ensure it does not get too dry or too oily which may cause a lot of skin problems.

• Always buy make up and health care products which contains natural ingredients that will not harm your skin. Also choose those products for your own skin type. Packaging usually indicates which type of skin the product is best for.

• Check the make up and skin care products’ expiry date. Do not use products which are beyond its expiry date.

• Make up testing is recommended before using them. You can do this by applying the make up on a small patch of skin like earlobes and see how your skin will react to it.

• Clean your make up regularly.

• Nail care so make sure your nails are clean at all times.

• Avoid applying too much make up if you are prone to acne. This will only aggravate your skin problem. Check with your dermatologist which products you can use.

• Before going to bed, make sure you don’t have your make up on.

• Try to have enough sleep to re-energize your skin

The above mentioned tips are very basic but many women still fails to incorporate most of the steps in their daily skin routine. As a result, they encounter skin problems which are either minor or major in nature. How does this happen? Sometimes women are easily persuaded to try out new makeup recommended by their friends. Maybe for the first few days of using the product there are no signs of any irritation that will surface. After weeks or months perhaps, the effect of the product will start to manifest. Acne or breakouts will begin to appear on the face of the women. This happened only because of missing out to test the product on a patch of skin. Small details should never be neglected especially if health is on the line.

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