Having acne is bad in and of itself, but having back acne can REALLY be irritating. Although acne on the back is usually viewed in the same way as facial acne — due to the fact that it develops in a similar way — it is actually much different in terms of the intensity. The back has the largest sebaceous glands which can produce more severe lesions than the ones produced on the face. Therefore, the pain and discomfort from back acne is FAR greater than that of facial acne.

You can also try applying over-the-counter treatments for your back acne scars. You can ask someone from your family to help you for those hard-to-reach places on your back or you can go straight to a credible dermatologist to have your back treated.

Another treatment option is to use creams or lotions to help reduce or get rid of your scars. There are different over the counter creams available and your doctor may even prescribe a cream. There are also some natural creams and lotions available that may assist with removing acne scars.

Natural home made preparation for back acne scar treatments, include a concoction made from grinding together or crushing basil leaves, marigold petals, mixed with parts of cucumber and applying the fine paste to the acne affected back. This is an inexpensive, safe and natural remedy.

With great power though, comes great expense. These treatments are not the types you can take cheaply so be very careful in your choice. Always choose the most credible practitioners when you want to have any of these treatments done. Do not, in any way settle for cheap treatments because these will usually end up as botched operations by incompetent and untrained practitioners just looking to make a buck out of all the hype.

Keeping your back clean and washed is a must. If you are exercising or outdoors on a hot day, be certain you have towels with you. Always take a shower and change shirts when returning indoors, since not doing this can cause acne outbreaks. Women need to consistently put on a clean bra and top.

Dont be prejudice with a particular acne scar treatment and be skeptical about the tall claims. Avoid the products and services that claims miraculous cure. Also avoid those treatments which are not guaranteed. (I come across a product for acne scar treatment that asks you to apply their product for six months for best results and it has only 3 months guarantee!!)

Many types of acne scar treatment options are available for removal of scars. If your scarring is mild or has just occurred, an over-the-counter product will work. If you do speak with a doctor about it because of severe scarring, work together to find the treatment that is best for you.

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