This leads to a healthier skin for many of us. Since 1990, there have been major advances in this technology which means that today we have more than one way of doing anti-aging laser treatments. You can be specific while taking these treatments; you can choose whether you want to remove deep wrinkles or superficial defects like spider veins or age spots.

The Different Types Of Laser Treatment

Anti-aging laser treatments can be anything from one that is done in your lunch hour which allows you to join work immediately to those that require weeks of recuperation. For early signs of aging like fine lines, mostly non-ablative laser treatments are recommended and they require very little to no recuperation time.

One the other hand, ablative laser resurfacing can create visible wound as they remove the upper level of the skin. It takes about four weeks to two weeks for the new skin to develop in its place and for the redness and swelling to disappear. That is why it is done only on skin that have been severely sun damaged or which is immune to normal anti-aging treatments. According to American Academy of Dermatology, you can also try the newest fractional ablative devices for the same purpose; since they are less invading, faster healing is possible when you undergo this treatment.

The Procedure

Depending on what kind of laser is being used, the anti-aging laser treatments differ. At the start of the procedure, targeted area will be cleaned and a topical anesthesia will be used on it. While the procedure is running, you will have to wear protective glasses as the laser beams can harm your eyes. Your dermatologist will be using hand-held laser devices above the skin and for most patients it feels like rubber bands are being snapped on their skin!

As the procedure ends, you may feel some temporary redness, pain, blistering, bruising and crusting. To reduce the discomfort and swelling, ice pack will be applied on your face and you may be counseled on a specific post-operative skin care. If you are undergoing a less invasive laser treatment, you will need around three to six sittings to achieve necessary result.

Effectiveness Of Laser Treatments

Don’t expect the result you have with a face lift from a laser skin resurfacing treatment; but it will safely and effectively improve your aged skin’s appearance. To make the result stay long, avoid sun after the treatment. With lesser invasive treatments, don’t expect instantaneous results. As Jeffrey S. Dover, M.D. who works as associate clinical professor of dermatology in Yale University Medical School has noted, for optimal results with fractional laser resurfacing, you may have to wait for six months after you have taken six to three treatments! Also the result is not applicable to all; it differs from individual to individual.

Side Effects Of Laser Treatments

There are few side effects with most anti-aging laser treatments when compared to other skin resurfacing treatments, but still you can’t totally rule out risks. One common side effect is excessive lightening or darkening of the area on which treatment was done. It is generally temporary, but those who have darker skin, there is a chance that it may become permanent. Another potential problem is secondary skin infection like reactivation of herpes virus while another small risk is that it may leave scars.

Warning You Should Note

If you have had blood-clotting problems, wound healing, a tendency of scarring or infectious diseases like HIV or hepatitis, then inform you doctor prior to your laser treatment. You should also inform him/her if you take any kind of acne medication like isotretinoin or if you have undergone any cosmetic procedure. That is why American Academy of Dermatology suggests that patients should consult thoroughly with their certified dermatologist before taking any kind of anti-aging laser treatment.



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