Acne can be a particular problem for young ladies. You want to look your best, but everything you have tried has failed to give you the clear complexion you want so much. Worse, you always seem to have a breakout just when it is most inconvenient. What to do?

Don’t despair if none of the treatments you have tried so far have worked. The main cause of your acne is inside your body, not on your skin. Treating the main cause is the way to achieve clear skin. Acne skin care is essentially the same as your healthcare. Here are five tips to help you clear up your acne fast:

Tip #1. Wash your face twice a day in warm water using a facial cleanser that is suitable for your skin type and that has a gentle exfoliating action. Keep your hair clean and keep it off your forehead. The natural oils in your hair can block the pores in your skin leading to an outbreak of spots.

Tip #2. Choose your make-up carefully. Some cosmetics contain harsh chemicals that can inflame an existing outbreak or cause even more spots. Remove your make-up at night.

Tip #3. Drink about two litres of cold water a day, but not all at once. The benefit of this is that your body will be properly hydrated. This will improve your skin texture. It will also help your body to flush out waste and toxins through your kidneys, not your face.

Tip #4. Have a healthy diet. Try to eat five portions of different fruits and vegetables each day, including at least one portion of green vegetables. You will get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. You will also get sufficient dietary fibre, which will improve your digestive system making it more efficient at eliminating waste and toxins.

Tip #5. Get adequate sleep. Have you noticed that when you only get a small amount of rest you often wake up with a prominent spot on your face that was not there when you went to bed? Your body needs six to eight hours quality sleep each night to repair itself and eliminate waste through exhalation.

Your condition will respond surprisingly well to these simple lifestyle changes. In just seven to ten days you will see a noticeable improvement. Follow these five tips to help you cure your acne fast.

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