I have read and heard so much false information on acne and people misunderstanding this disease. The experts have researched and have put an end to these acne myths. Here I have provided the truth about acne. Read below and discover the facts about acne.

Acne myth 1

· There have been many rumours that acne suffers are dirty people and don’t wash. Many skin infections are due to poor hygiene but acne does not work that way. The oil mixed with dead skin cells under the skins surface are the major causes of acne breakouts. It would be impossible by just cleaning your skin to cure acne, you can’t wash inside.

Acne myth 2

· The olds wife’s tale of that chocolate causes acne. this myth had no evidence to be true in intensive research in the matter, however foods high in iodine and some diary product have shown effects on acne.

Acne myth 4

· A lot of people are in belief in that acne only affects your skin. Research suggests that it affects you psychological more than anything else. Many long term acne suffers also suffer from a psychological distress of some kind. Acne is known to make people feel worthless, damage their confidence, make them feel depressed and hopeless

Acne myth 5

· The myth that causes more damage than anything else is that you must grow out of acne. Your hormones may balance as you pass puberty but it will not remove the harmed skin and emotional scars left by acne. Many dermatologists have many treatments for acne. You could even go to the local drug store and pick up an effective acne remedy. Nobody needs to live with this horrible problem such as acne.

Acne myth 6

· Another myth that’s been around is that sunbathing is good for acne. Which is half true, the sun will dry up your oils, but as soon as your skin adapts it will over produce oil. So maybe this is a very short term method but not a practical one. The worst problem with the sun that researchers believe is the fact that it increases your risk of skin cancer.

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