A dermatologist is a trained medical professional that specializes in treating disorders of the skin. A very common skin problem, for instance, are skin tags that can appear anywhere on the body. Treatment can vary depending on diagnosis, but generally will involve freezing the skin tag with nitrogen or electric caudery. If you suspect you have skin tags, see your doctor.

Skin rashes are for the most part minor and are easily treated by the dermatologist. However, some rashes can be a signal for more serious problems. Rashes are usually the result of an irritant, allergen, or an infection. Any rash that does not go away in a brief amount of time should be treated by your dermatologist. Treatment will probably consist of prescription salves or creams depending on diagnosis.

The most serious of skin problems is cancer. Everyone, no matter what race or skin color is subject to skin cancer. People of lighter skin color seem more prone to the disease, but everyone should avoid excessive exposure to the sun, sun lamps or compounds such as arsenic. Skin cancer treatment could include methods such as curettage and desiccation, surgical excision, radiation therapy, and other treatments as well.

If you suspect you have skin cancer, or any other condition, see your dermatologist right away. The doctor will prescribe a treatment for your current problem, as well as a maintenance program to prevent further problems. Prevention could include the proper use of sunscreen, daily lotions and appropriate clothing and hats. Avoiding skin exposure to chemicals that cause rashes will probably be advised.

People who suffer from face or neck wrinkles may consider the problem as unsightly and decide to do something about it. Fortunately help is available from your dermatologist in the form of botox. Botox injections provide a relatively pain free way of ridding yourself of unwanted wrinkles. The injection treatments rarely last more than about ten minutes, and there is no loss of time from your day.

If the wrinkles are serious enough, it could be time to think about wrinkle laser treatment. This type of treatment is high tech and is remarkably successful in dealing with unsightly deep wrinkles, scars and age spots. The laser is used to take out these skin problems one layer at a time.

This has the effect of stimulating the creation of new collagen, which provides flexibility and skin support. One of the great things about laser treatment, is the fact that since only one layer of skin is taken at a time, it leaves bridges of pristine skin. Not only is the recovery process much faster, this process allows people to get back to their regular daily routine much sooner. If you suspect a skin problem, be sure to arrange an appointment and have it check out. After all, it’s your skin.

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